Central Avenue Synagogue

Location: Central Avenue Synagogue

  • Address: 874 Central Avenue, Highland Park, IL, 60035 USA
    Instructor: Mrs. Michla Tzipora Schanowitz
  • Phone: 847-266-0770
  • Email: info@nschabad.org
  • Website: www.nschabad.org

Option 1: Every Thursday at 10:00am

Option 2: Every Thursday at 7:30am

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The Day Aaron Argued with Moses

The Day Aaron Argued with Moses

Sorry, You Were Never Meant to Be Perfect

An odd thing happens in the desert as the Jews commence services in the Tabernacle: Moses and Aaron get into a whole kerfuffle about a burnt goat. True story. What’s the significance of this peculiar debate, and what does it have to do with me?

Thursday, Mar 28 2019
Compassionate Condemnation

Compassionate Condemnation

Love, Love, and Love Some More. Then Criticize

It can feel pretty good to call someone out for their faults and wrongdoings. As you sit atop your moral high horse, it’s nice to know that you can see evil for what it is. But a curious law in the obscure topic of lepers in the Torah teaches us a radical different approach. An approach grounded in profound compassion and a deep sense of love.

Thursday, Apr 4 2019
A Stranger to Passover

A Stranger to Passover

Developing a Taste for the Divine

Not unlike fine wine and whiskey, a taste for G-d needs to be developed. Passover is a time of personal connection, a time to become a real connoisseur of spirituality. This lesson explains how.

Thursday, Apr 11 2019